Gel Nails at home with Madam Glam


Madam Glam is a a growing trendy brand of cosmetics based in the Fashion district of New York. All of their products are cruelty-free and they have an array of nail colors to choose from. I love the convenience of being able to do your own gel nails at home. There a ton of gel colors to choose from and they also offer a beginners kit that comes with one gel nail color, a top coat, a base coat, and an LED lamp. I was able to try one of their gel colors in the color rosy nude and I absolutely loved the finish. You can watch my full review/ tutorial on my YouTube channel by clicking the link down below. Use my coupon code WWITHEE30 for 30% off

Madam Glam Gel polish

Watch my tutorial


One thought on “Gel Nails at home with Madam Glam

  1. Mery says:

    Hi! do you know where can I buy it in NY? I need to buy it in a physical store, not online, because the place where I will be, doesn´t acept delivery.


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