Irresistible Me Ruby Curling iron

A traditional curling iron goes out of the window with this product! Irresistibleme has a new curling iron that rotates! What makes this curling iron different from the rest is it’s rotating barrel with auto recovery function that gives you perfect curls every time.

The barrel of the curling iron is ceramic and comes fused with tourmaline. According to irresistible me The diamond coating enhances its durability and heat transfer, unlike conventional ceramic irons.

These are the wonderful features the curling iron comes  with. To see a full tutorial check out my youtube channel! For 10% off use my coupon code irresistibleAshley

Ruby rotating iron Review

Ruby Rotating Iron


  • No frizzy hair – the tourmaline technology with negative ions leaves your hair smooth and shiny by sealing hair oils, color and moisture in
  • Fast heating (less than a minute) and variable temperature control (210C/410F)
  • Intelligent  – the LED screen shows you the temperature you`re at
  • It has an auto stand by feature after 1hour


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