My Favorite Natural hair Care Products

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My natural hair journey has been a long journey! The past few years I have really been learning a lot about my hair texture. My hair is 3c/4a texture and seems to only take to certain products. I stopped relaxing my hair about 5 years ago and I also cut off all of my straight hair. Since then I have seen a major change in my hair. I absolutely love the curl pattern and I am satisfied with the how much my hair has grown over the years. I realize my hair would probably grow a lot faster I wore my natural hair more often. I can’t help it I am a weave girl at heart, but I do love to wear my natural hair occasionally. No matter the , hair style whether it be a weave or a twist I make sure I take great care of my natural hair. I have been consistently using True, by made beautiful products on my natural hair this past year and I am obsessed with the results. I tend to be a creature of habit, so if a particular regimen has been working for my hair I like to stick to that regimen. I have listed the products that I am loving right now below and what I use them for.

My hair Regimen

I wash my hair every two weeks when I am not wearing a sew in. If I am wearing a sew in I wash my hair when I take the sew in down, which is about every three to four weeks.  If I have been sporting my own natural hair for a while I tend to wash my hair once a week, however not with shampoo. I like to use a co-wash cleansing conditioner once a week to cleanse my hair. After cleansing I add in my leave-in conditioner along with my rejuvenating hair butter by made beautiful and my Che natural hair smoothie by Che natural. Both products can be used for twist outs, bantu knots, pretty much any natural hair style. I find that they worst best on a wash and go. Here is a list down below of all of the products I am loving right now for my natural hair.

By made Beautiful

true by made beautiful cowash leave in masque.jpg

  • Co wash Cleansing Conditioner
  • Conditioning Styling cream
  • Hydrating Hair Butter
  • Moisturizing Shampoo
  • Nourishing leave-in conditioner

Che Natural Hair Smoothie


  • Che’s All Natural Organic Hair Smoothie! Che has created this smoothie from some of her favorite products, herbs, and essential oils. This is a great grooming moisturizer and smoothie that promotes hair “GROWTH”. Great for the whole family women, men, & children.

    Ingredients: Raw Shea butter, raw coconut oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil, black Jamaican castor oil, lemon essential oil, Rosemary oil.

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