My Beauty Travel Essentials

As some of you may know I travel back and forth to Miami about every other month. I have learned quite a few things from traveling so much! One of those things is how to pack and what to pack! Normally I like to travel light. I usually bring one suitcase and one carry on. My carry on is usually my computer bag and sometimes my camera bag. I have mastered fitting everything into one suitcase and keeping it under 50 LBS. However, during my recent trip to California my suitcase was overweight so the TSA agent asked me to remove my makeup bag to see if that made the difference, and it did! My makeup bag weighed exactly 3 LBS by itself! I know Crazy right? You are probably thinking who needs that much makeup! In my defense I was in the bridal party of my friends wedding so I kind of over did it a little. Well since that trip I have been more mindful of what to pack in my makeup bag! Today I am going to show you guys what I like to pack in my makeup bag!


I like to bring with me favorite foundation. Which is my L’Oreal infallible pro matte foundation. I love this foundation because the packaging is small and easy to pack. I also love this foundation because it is my favorite and most reliable. When packing a foundation I recommend bringing the foundation that you use the most. The one you know will not let you down.

Get it here!



For contouring I always bring my NYX contour kit. It is sleek and carries all of the colors i need for contouring and it easily fits in my makeup bag.

Get it here!



For eyes depending on what look Im going for I usually bring one of my BH palettes. Right now Im obsessing over the Carli Bybel palette. The majority of the colors are neutral and I can create a ton of different looks with this palette. If I know I am going to want more of a night time look or something that stands out a bit more Ill bring my Lime Crime palette a long as well Both are easy to slide inside my makeup bag.

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I almost always pack my Inglot paint pot eyeliner in #77. Its a small pot that will easily fit into my makeup bag.

Get inglot Paint Pot here!



For Lips I always bring my Colourpop lipsticks. They are long wear and are my most reliable lip products I have in my collection. I usually bring a nude color and a pop color which usually consists of a red or magenta color.

Get Colourpop Lipstick here!


I also bring along a couple of my Jordana Lip pencils. I usually pick whatever colors go best with the lipstick I chose.

Get Jordana Lip pencils here!



When it comes to eye Lashes I tend to pack the lashes that look best on me. My go to lashes are House of Lashes  Bambie lashes or Kiss Lashes in the number KFLD03.

Get Bambie lashes here!                                        Get Kiss lashes here!


Makeup Brushes

Whenever I pack makeup Brushes I always pack my Sigma Travel kit. They come in a little brush travel kit! Which makes packing makeup brushes so simple!

Get Sigma Brushes here!



One thought on “My Beauty Travel Essentials

  1. Nina Richard says:

    Hi, Im just really excited to be writing this, I have searched everywhere for those kiss 62012 kfldo3 lashes. I would like to know where you get yours or where you order it from.


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